Mommy, can I have some candy?

John and I were sitting in a medical waiting room…waiting. There happened to be a young child and his mama sitting in the same room. It was pretty quiet, with people sitting around flipping through magazines, when we heard the little guy say, “Mommy, I love you.” (oh my goodness, how precious is that?) and the mom replied, “I love you, too, Babe.” (so sweet)  After a few moments of quietness the little guy said again, “Mommy, I love you.” (Awwwww…) and the mom replied once more, “I love you, too, Baby.” A few more moments of silence and we heard, “Mommy… can I have some candy?” Hahahahaha! This little guy had it figured out, didn’t he? Just butter ol’ mom up and she’ll give me some C-A-N-D-Y!!! I honestly have no recollection of how the mom answered because everyone in the waiting room was laughing. I-love-you-so-much-now-give-me-some-candy… Is that the CONTINUE READING


Like a Boss

“Good! Because I wanna be the boss of somebody!”  Five year old Maggie and I had been upstairs in her bedroom playing together when she wistfully asked me, “Mama, am I ever gonna be a mama?” Of course I got all sentimental, thinking about someday being a grandmother… only to find out that what my darling daughter was really concerned about was being able to boss somebody around someday! We all like to be in charge, don’t we? We love control.  Recently I asked the question to a Bible study group, “What are you most afraid of?” The first answer came: Losing control. And everybody agreed. We women surely like to manage things, don’t we? We want to be in control of what is happening to our husbands, our children, and our own selves.  We do everything we can to avoid uncertainty.  It’s so. . . scary.  So I asked my Bible study friends, “How can CONTINUE READING


Randos of the Bible

Randos of the Bible  Going over a guest list with Maggie for Phillip’s 30th birthday party. Standard groups. College friends, Work friends, Church friends… and then she said,  “And then there are the randos.”  It took me a second to realize that she was talking about random people who don’t necessarily belong to a group. And so I wondered if this was really a word, or just something Maggie and Phillip had come up with on their own. Google. Urban Dictionary. Yep, it’s a real thing, ya’ll… Top Definition: RANDO – a random person or thing jane: how was the party last night? john: ah, pretty good but there were a bunch of randos there. Obviously a shortened form of the word random. random – lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern; proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern I love that God is NOT RANDOM, ya’ll. CONTINUE READING


A Lame Prayer?

         I’ve got this prayer that I want answered really badly. What I mean is, there’s this thing I’m praying about and I want God to answer it my way. I want Him to do what I want.           Yet as I’m praying I’m also saying, “But Lord, you are God and You know best, so let Your will be done.” And then I think, well, that’s not a very faith-filled prayer!  It doesn’t take much faith at all to pray God’s will be done! That’s easy.          Elijah was this super strong faith-filled man of God. He challenged 450 prophets of Baal and proved them wrong and God right.  And as if that wasn’t bold enough…Elijah then told King Ahab it was going to rain. It hadn’t rained in three years and the famine was severe. Elijah promised rain CONTINUE READING


Call Out the Champion

                    A freshman in high school, Jay had never been a wrestler, but after watching the summer Olympics, he decided that this was the sport for him. Although he was a newbie, wrestling seemed to come naturally to him. Pretty quickly, he found himself enjoying the practices and training for meets. As the only wrestler on the team who had not grown up in the sport, Jay was eager to learn as much as he could from his coaches and teammates.           Mid-season, however, when he discovered that he was matched up to compete against the champ, Jay’s anxiety got the best of him. Damon Jeffrey had been a champion for a couple of years and now he was a senior. College scouts came to the tournaments to check Damon out. He would be getting a scholarship CONTINUE READING


Hard Times are not Bad Times

I was driving to work but my mind wasn’t on the road. I was completely immersed in the conversation I was having with my brother. We had been talking for some time and I was filling him in on what was going on in my life. The school where I worked was closing and many families were affected. Teachers were losing their jobs. Children would need to transfer to a different school. Not only were people disappointed and angry, but families’ lives were changing drastically. Life was being shaken for a lot of different people. What was happening didn’t seem to be at all right or fair and, worst of all, it was completely out of my control. I tried to conclude the conversation by saying, “I’m just going through a really bad time.” Glenn hesitated, took a deep breath, and said these words: “Jeanne, this is not a bad CONTINUE READING


Rhythms of His Grace

A balmy ocean breeze rustled the curtains as I sat on the balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico that night. From the fourth floor of the hotel I could see the dark waves crashing against the sand and I caught a whiff of salt in the air. I reflected on the many vacations spent at various beaches in my lifetime. I’ve always loved coming to the beach. Definitely my holiday trip of choice. John is a mountain guy, but give me the ocean every time. No contest. The amazing thing about the beach is this: the consistency of things there… the ocean waves… the tide… the tide comes in and goes out every single day. The waves roll in unceasingly, over and over and over. The sun comes up. The sun goes down. This speaks to me of God’s faithfulness. There are rhythms in God’s creation.         CONTINUE READING