John and I were sitting in a medical waiting room…waiting. There happened to be a young child and his mama sitting in the same room. It was pretty quiet, with people sitting around flipping through magazines, when we heard the little guy say, “Mommy, I love you.” (oh my goodness, how precious is that?) and the mom replied, “I love you, too, Babe.” (so sweet)  After a few moments of quietness the little guy said again, “Mommy, I love you.” (Awwwww…) and the mom replied once more, “I love you, too, Baby.” A few more moments of silence and we heard, “Mommy… can I have some candy?”

Hahahahaha! This little guy had it figured out, didn’t he? Just butter ol’ mom up and she’ll give me some C-A-N-D-Y!!!

I honestly have no recollection of how the mom answered because everyone in the waiting room was laughing.


Is that the reason we love? So we can get something?

Talk is cheap,ya’ll… you gotta take it to the streets.

Don’t just tell me you love me. Show it. Do something that speaks love to me.

It’s easy to say you’re the best. It’s easy to proclaim that your team is going to win. It’s easy to say ‘I love you.’ But walking it out? Actually running in the race? Winning the game? Doing the loving thing? Sometimes that’s a bit harder to do.

But God is really good at it.

I’m currently doing a Bible study on the book of Ruth. (Premium Roast with Ruth by Sandra Glahn) It’s a great study and introduces the reader to the Hebrew word, hesed, which means loyal love. In Ruth chapter one, Naomi uses this word when she says to her daughters-in-law, “May the Lord show you the same kind of devotion that you have shown to your deceased husbands and to me!” The Hebrew word for “devotion” used here is hesed. The author explains how important this word is because “God uses it to describe his own character.” 

She writes, “In fact, hesed seems to be the one word chosen above all others to summarize what God is like: full of loyal, committed, merciful, enduring, faithful, covenant-keeping love.”

Psalm 136 describes the history of the Jewish people. It tells how God created the world and how He delivered His people; how He cared for them and directed them; how He is still providing for His people today. Every single verse repeats this one phrase, much like a chorus in a song. The phrase, “His love (hesed) endures forever” is found 26 times! It weaves its way through an epic tale of who God is and what He has done. The repeated chorus emphasizes the love of God throughout all time. God has shown His love to humankind in so many ways.

I quite often have to have things repeated to me before I can get them down into my brain. If we are just meeting each other, I will likely have to ask you what your name is more than once. In fact, we probably need to have a meaningful conversation if I’m even going to remember meeting you! So having this phrase repeated over and over again in Psalm 136 is a good thing for someone like me. I need to be reminded…His love endures forever…His love endures forever…His love endures forever.

Many times we will sing a song in our worship services over and over again.  Know why?  Because we need to let the truth of the songs sink down into the crevasses of our lives. We need to get it down inside of us so that when the storms of life come we don’t  forget the truths of God. That His love endures forever. It goes on and on and on. Never failing, Never forgetting. Never quitting. I love the way it’s described in the Jesus Storybook Bible, “a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.” That’s how God loves us. And He loves us too much to let us stay the same. He is always working to make us more like Himself.

And to be like Him, we’re going to have to show folks that we love them. What does that look like in your life?

Lord, You know I want to be more like You. Please teach me how to love the way You do. Please make hesed a part of my character and not just something I say… because I want some candy.

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