“Good! Because I wanna be the boss of somebody!”  Five year old Maggie and I had been upstairs in her bedroom playing together when she wistfully asked me, “Mama, am I ever gonna be a mama?” Of course I got all sentimental, thinking about someday being a grandmother… only to find out that what my darling daughter was really concerned about was being able to boss somebody around someday! We all like to be in charge, don’t we? We love control.  Recently I asked the question to a Bible study group, “What are you most afraid of?” The first answer came: Losing control. And everybody agreed. We women surely like to manage things, don’t we? We want to be in control of what is happening to our husbands, our children, and our own selves.  We do everything we can to avoid uncertainty.  It’s so. . . scary.  So I asked my Bible study friends, “How can CONTINUE READING